What is a private fiduciary

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What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person who assumes responsibility for a position of trust.

In What Specific Roles do Fiduciaries Serve?

Anyone who believes a person may need help with daily living activities and/or finances can initiate the process to appoint a fiduciary as a conservator. Please Click Here to read more

How is a Conservator Appointed?

Fiduciaries serve by court appointment as guardians, conservators and personal representatives of estates. Please Click Here to read more



When only a professional will do, Patterson and Associates is here to help. We specialize in handling difficult conservatorship situations while providing support to effected family members. We are also expert atTrust Administration and as Administrator of decedant Estates.

PAFS’ founder and Principal, Ron Patterson, is a licensed clinical social worker with many years of successful practice as a family and individual therapist.

Here is what we provide:

  • Trust Administration
  • Conservatorship of Person and Estate
  • Estate Administration
  • Mediation of family and probate matters

We will give the kind of attention to you and to your case that you require.
Expert financial managment and regular updates to all clients.
Call us at 510-421-2316 and discuss your needs with us.



Mediation and Arbitrtation Services

Mr. Patterson is a certified mediator and has helped to successfully resolve many disputes, both legal and personal.
His training at UC Berkeley is considered among the very best available in alternative dispute resolution. If you need a Neutral that can assist you and your clients in resolving their issues out of court, we can help. Please call for a consult.



The Initial Assessment is powerful. It describes the health and psychosocial needs of a client in a way that allows a proper and achievable plan to be designed for that individual, elderly client, or couple. Patterson and Associates utilizes state of the art assessment tools that, used properly, will fully evaluate a clients functional status on all levels including medical, psychosocial and activities of daily living (ADL’s).

We are clinically trained and understand the “unspoken” dynamics that are often in play in any family dynamic. If these are clearly identified they can be respected, even utilized in the families’ plan. These dynamics must be properly assessed so as to not derail the successful plan of care.

The "Hornet"

The "Hornet"


Licensed Clinical Social Worker #LCS9908
California Licensed Private Fiduciary #195

Mr. Patterson is ready to come to you anywhere in California, no matter the distance.



We’ll be glad to give you a call to discuss your fiduciary needs. Just send us a note and be sure to let us know when you would like a return call.

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